The Proposed Pipeline ?>

The Proposed Pipeline

Construction of a 42" diameter pipeline in the mid-west. NO Pipelines! YES to Property Rights!
Construction of a 42″ pipeline in the Midwest.
Two massive 42″ pipelines are proposed. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline to the north, and the Mountain Valley Pipeline through Franklin County.

The proposed MVP would be a 42” high pressure transmission pipeline moving natural gas through West Virginia and Virginia to a terminal point in Pittsylvania County.  Franklin County has more landowners and area of land impacted (37 miles) than any other county on the entire 3oo+ mile route.

This pipeline would forever change our land — damaging or destroying farmland, compromising our safety and threatening the purity of our water. Most Franklin County residents rely on wells and springs for water. Damage to aquifers and groundwater puts every one of us at risk. The water supply of the Town of Rocky Mount — the County Seat — is threatened by multiple pipeline crossings of the Blackwater River, including one just upstream from the town water plant.