From Preserve Roanoke/Bent Mountain

The following information was received from our friends at Preserve Roanoke/Bent Mountain, who asked us to share it.


Neighbors and Landowners,
Some of you may have already received additional survey permission/notice letters for November and December. Please note the following regarding police practice:

Montgomery and Roanoke county sheriffs and police, when called by a landowner on their property , may still only do as much as take a report with ID’s, names and addresses of all survey crew and body guards. They may not assist in removing surveyors from your property.

However, we are informed today that Virginia residents in MVP affected counties may call state police (540) 375-9500— or 911, and ask for state police dispatch.

State Police practice is as follows: with the landowner present, the trooper will have surveyors leave your property; they will assist in getting them out of property already entered, and will not allow entry without a court order.

We are further informed the Franklin County Sheriff’s continuing policy mirrors State Police policy described above.

In ALL cases, please ask deputies, police and troopers to write an Incident Report: please ask them to TAKE NAMES and ID of EACH surveyor, including crew chiefs and bodyguards, on your property. Whether or not you ultimately choose to file charges of criminal or civil trespass, this report secures information and your right and to do so.

The property survey statute is being considered now by the VA Supreme Court on “public use/utility” and “constitutional” questions. The case may be decided in January or  February. We have urged authorities and courts that surveying should not go forward until these questions are decided by the VA Supreme Court.

Thank you for your continued respectful treatment of survey crews and for police coming to our assistance — and for your rightful concern and attention to this very important matter.




On Friday, September 16, 2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) issued the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“DEIS”) for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (“MVP”).  Affected landowners and community members should review this and send comments to FERC pointing out inaccuracies—especially as it applies to landowner’s property.

A copy of the DEIS can be downloaded here.

FERC will be accepting comments through December 22, 2016.

You can file comments by:

  • using the eComment feature on the FERC website (for brief comments and no account registration required)
  • using the eFiling feature (allow you to attach documents and you must create an account) — make sure to use Comment on a Filing as the filing type
  • sending a paper copy to the commission (make sure you reference the docket number CP16-10-0000 in your letter) to Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street NE, Room 1A, Washington, DC 20426
  • attending a “public” comment session and provide oral comments – all meetings begin at 5 p.m. (they will allow speakers to sign up until 8 p.m., each speaker is allotted 3 minutes and the meeting will end at 10 p.m.).  Important Note:  According to the filing “Individual verbal comments will be taken on a one-on-one basis with a stenographer (with FERC staff or representative present), called up in the order of the numbers received” — the public will NOT be allowed to hear the comments; this is another way for the FERC to try and limit public participation and is, in our opinion, dreadful. The dates and locations for these sessions are:
    • Tuesday, November 1st, Chatham High School, 100 Cavalier Circle, Chatham, VA
    • Tuesday, November 1st, Lewis County High School, 205 Minuteman Drive, Weston, WV
    • Wednesday, November 2nd, Franklin County High School, 700 Taynard Road, Rocky Mount, VA
    • Wednesday, November 2nd, Nicholas County High School, 30 Grizzly Road, Summersville, WV
    • Thursday, November 3rd, Sheraton Hotel, 2801 Hershberger Road, Roanoke, VA
    • Thursday, November 3rd, Peterstown Elementary School, 108 College Drive, Peterstown, WV
    • Wednesday, November 9th, California Area High School, 11 Trojan Way, Coal Center, PA